We proudly present the 2020 Zero Waste challenge!

For the year of 2020, after a 2019 rich in work and accomplishments, RB Pharma has decided to step up its commitment to sustainability and create the Zero Waste program, whose symbol is a packaging made of 100% recycled materials and designed by the creative team of Majortom, which has garnered international attention on the website Packaging of the World.
Inside the package, a reusable aluminium bottle. On the outside, a challenge to reduce our ecological footprint through simple measures to be applied each month. And to help everyone stay on track, the package itself can be converted into a calendar, ensuring that there is no room for waste.
This challenge was not only proposed to RB Pharma’s employees, but also to different clients and partners throughout the Christmas season, so that we can all step into 2020 with the right foot forward towards a greener world.