Terms of Use

These terms of use, along with the privacy policy, set out the conditions for access to this website and the entirety of its contents and provided services. By accessing them, the user expresses its acceptance of these terms, which may be periodically updated without previous notification.

These terms of use are governed exclusively by the law of Portugal. Any matters or processes related with them or with the use of the website and its contents and services may be handled exclusively in courts within Portuguese territory.

1. Website content and intellectual property
The contents of the website rbpharma.pt include, but are not limited to, texts, images, graphic elements, logos, web design, audio, video and software. All content is protected by the national and international laws and rights applicable to intellectual property, copyright and related rights, and its copy, modification, reproduction, transmission or use, in any way or for any purpose, is not allowed without previous express authorisation.

Although efforts are made to keep the information on the website correct and up to date, RB PHARMA cannot guarantee the full accuracy, integrity or adequacy of the contents provided on the website for any purpose. RB PHARMA waives any liability, in the maximum extent permitted by law, for any imprecisions or errors that may be detected on the website, and for any losses or damages incurred as a result of them.

2. Services

2.1 Medicine delivery
The website rbpharma.pt provides a medicine home delivery service, on an exceptional basis, as per the Order no. 4270-C/2020 issued by the Ministry of Health and the Notice no. 005/CD/550.20.001 issued by INFARMED, I.P. . This service is provided by RB Produtos Farmacêuticos, Unipessoal Lda. (“RB PHARMA”), with its headquarters at Rua Leopoldo de Almeida, 11B, 1750-137 Lisboa, Portugal, and with the following general contact information:

Email: info@rbpharma.pt
Telephone: +351 216 092 994

2.1.1 Conditions for provision of the service
‎The service is supervised by pharmacists and provided to patients who need:
a) Medication usually acquired in outpatient hospital settings
b) Medication which can be acquired in community pharmacies

The service can be requested by patients under the following conditions:
a) Minimum age of 18 years
b) Sharing of the required information to process the request, e.g. name and
valid medical prescription, when applicable
c) Delivery address within Portuguese territory

Upon receipt of any request, it will be subjected to validation, in coordination with hospital pharmacy services (HPS) or community pharmacies. Only validated requests shall be processed. It is the patient’s exclusive responsibility to comply with the conditions of provision of the service, namely, providing complete and accurate information. RB PHARMA waives any responsibility or liability in case of non-compliance with the above conditions and subsequent
invalidation of the request.

For validated requests, RB PHARMA commits to:

  • Delivering the requested medicines, subject to stock availability at hospital or community pharmacies and upon payment, if applicable (see: 2.1.2 Costs and payment)
  • Storing and transporting the medicines to the delivery address in accordance with current Good Distribution Practices, to any part of the Portuguese territory

RB PHARMA waives any liability in the event that HPS or community pharmacies declare themselves incapable or unavailable to satisfy the request, even if validated. RB PHARMA also waives any liability over any direct or indirect consequences that may arise due to the inappropriate use of this service, including, but not limited to, usurpation or forging of
data or the incorrect use of the delivered medicines.

2.1.2 Costs and payment
The delivery of medicines that are exclusively dispensed at hospitals is free of charge to patients. The delivery of medicines dispensed at community pharmacies requires the payment of a 5 Euro fee, equally applicable to the whole territory of Portugal. Payment is made at the moment of delivery and it can be made in cash or with a bank card, through a portable point of sale (“POS”).

2.1.3 Connections with third parties and data security
Communications between the users of the service and RB PHARMA may be mediated by the virtual assistant Xoutor, a chatbot system developed by the American company Intercom, Inc. (“Intercom”). Several security mechanism are integrated in this system for a secure transmission of all data, including, but not limited to:

  • Full data encryption in transit
  • No backdoors from corporate network into production systems
  • Chain automation for instant integration of security fixes
  • Regular third-party audits to ensure high quality and security across the whole technological infrastructure

All personal data provided through Xoutor is sent on a closed channel exclusively to the employees of RB PHARMA that are authorised to process these requests. In case of direct communication with RB PHARMA (e.g. phone call or email), all data will also be exclusively handled by the aforementioned employees.

The validation and processing of requests will be performed together with healthcare professionals in HPS or community pharmacies, who are subject to a professional duty of discretion and to all applicable policies from their respective healthcare institutions or establishments. As they are not contracted by or affiliated with RB PHARMA, RB PHARMA waives any liability over the inappropriate management of personal data by these third parties, but still stands for the observance of strict confidentiality rules.

The transport of medicines may be managed by third parties contracted for that purpose, who are subject to the same standards of confidentiality and security that are applied internally at RB PHARMA, and who will only have access to the data that is strictly necessary to provide the service for which they were contracted.

All personal data will be processed by RB PHARMA and its affiliates and contractors in accordance with the privacy policy of RB PHARMA.

2.2 Other services
RB Pharma may promote other services on its website or other channels of communication, for the general public, companies or entities in the pharmaceutical sector, or others. Unless otherwise indicated in these terms of use, such services are entirely customized for each request, with terms to be defined with each interested party.

3. Links to third-party websites
On RB PHARMA’s website or other channel of communication, there may be links to other pages in the Internet which are not managed by RB PHARMA. RB PHARMA’s terms of use are not applicable to any third-party websites, hence RB PHARMA waives any liability over the use of such websites. For an informed browsing, it is advisable to read the respective terms of use of such websites.